Is Booking An Escort Safe?

May 25, 2018 12:08 am

You’re out of town on a business trip alone for the weekend. You have hours and hours to kill without a soul to talk to. Should you call an escort? Is it safe? Booking an escort is as safe as any other activity if you follow some basic safety rules. Anything you do online has an element of risk to it. The Internet is a scary place and there are ruthless people who will prey on the unsuspecting. While that happens in every situation, its even scarier online because you can’t see what lies in store for you. You don’t know who you are calling or what their motives are. It is one thing to meet someone to sell a used Playstation but quite another when you are purchasing the time and companionship of another human-being. To make booking an escort safe, make sure to maintain all the basic internet safety rules.

Booking an Escort is Safe if You Do Your Research

Whether you’re booking an escort through an agency or as an individual, it can be daunting. You suddenly feel very subconscious about everything. You feel you may not sound as professional or as competent as you are. Same as your appearance. You thought you looked great when you got to the hotel. Now you feel like you might look a little road weary and unkempt. One thing that will ease your anxiety as well as ensure your safety is to research your choice. Look them up online and see if you can find any complaints. Ask the bellhop and the concierge for any information they may have. Locals are a wealth of information. Ask the bar tender and the paperboy. Check online for customer reviews too.

Booking an Escort is Safe When You Protect Yourself

When we talk of protecting ourselves, it is a two-fold process. Escorts are worried about their safety too. Especially those who work alone. An escort, independent or not, will have some sort of bodyguard or security personnel on-hand to protect her. You should take the same precautions. You don’t need an armed bodyguard along for the ride, but you can make sure that someone you trust knows where you are and who you are with. Keep your eyes peeled for any lurking trouble makers out to rob unsuspecting clients. Stay in public places that are well lit until you feel safe. The second prong of this protection fork is to protect yourself from disease. If you have sex with the escort, you’ll need to wear a condom. Do not forget that condoms aren’t always enough. This is where you’ll want to take special care in the service you use and escort you choose. Make sure you choose an escort or service with a good reputation. Follow your gut instinct. If anything feels wrong – back out.

Only Carry the Cash You Need When Booking an Escort

Booking an escort is expensive but that doesn’t mean you have to carry loads of cash and all your cards. Book the escort but pay over the phone. Do not take wads of cash out to eat or to the theater or wherever you maybe taking her. Bring along only one card or just enough cash to cover your date. Do not wear any expensive jewelry or accessories. If you do get robbed, at least they won’t wipe you out. You don’t want to appear a pauper, especially if you plan to use the service or exact escort again, but you don’t want to put out the vibe that your worth millions either.

Booking an escort doesn’t have to be a scary experience. Whether you are concerned about sexually transmitted diseases, getting ripped off, or beat up, there are ways to play it safe. Use common sense and take the same precautions you would in any other situation in your life. Booking an escort is supposed to be one of the most exciting, rewarding experiences of a man’s life. Let it be! Don’t spend time worrying about what could go wrong. Escorts are the ones taking most of the risk, remember. She is probably just as anxious as you are. Take all the necessary, basic safety measures and then enjoy your date.