How To Tell If An Escort Is Really A Cop

May 12, 2018 12:08 am

So, you’re off to spend a wild weekend with the boys, huh? Your bags are packed. Your check is cashed and burning a hole in your pocket. You can’t wait to get to your destination and hit the highlights. You also can’t wait to book that escort you have been thinking about for weeks. It’s exciting. It’s fun. It is also a bit dangerous. Prostitution, including sex with an escort, is illegal everywhere in the country, except a few little burgs in the outskirts of Nevada. Setting up a date with an escort can also be setting yourself up for some legal trouble if it turns out the escort is really a cop. Fortunately, there are a few tried and true tricks to use that will tell you if the escort you’re talking with is a cop in disguise.

Believing the Lies – When an Escort is Really a Cop

Police lie. They will tell you whatever they think will get you to admit to wrongdoing. Watch an ID Channel show to see how police will use lies and false truths to coerce suspects into telling them what they want to hear. This technique is flawed and ends up in more false arrests than actual lawful convictions, but it doesn’t stop them from doing it. Many people think if they simply ask the escort agency on the other end of the phone if it is really a police officer they are required to tell the truth. Not so.

Out-Calls and In-calls – When an Escort is a Cop

Police do not come to your hotel room to try to bust you for calling an escort. There are a few good reasons for this. If a sting operation is underway, police will use their own hotel room. They are usually adjoining rooms, one for the sting and the other full of cops waiting to bust in and arrest you. A sting operation has to be completely controlled by the police in order to provide an airtight case for the prosecutor. Calling an escort to your room is one way to make sure that she is not a cop trying to bust you. You never know what to expect when you meet an escort at their own place. Whether it is a private home, a hotel or a parking lot, you run the risk of your escort actually being a cop.

Show me the Merchandise – How to Tell if Your Escort is a Cop

Of all the myths about how to tell if your escort is a cop, this one is the one to remember as true. When you first meet an escort for business, ask to see the merchandise. A police officer will absolutely not show you their private areas. You won’t get a boob shot, you won’t get a view of her groin area. In fact, she will not show anything that is considered a sexual zone. If you ask to see the goods, and she tells you no, don’t move forward. You probably have a cop on your doorstep.

Offer to Pay for Nudies First – Sure Sign an Escort is a Cop

Following along the same lines as above, you can ask your escort to first pose for nude photos for payment. An escort will have absolutely no problem with this. As a matter of fact, most will jump at the chance. Making a little extra money for a few modeling shots is a great side job many escorts take part in. Cops, on the other hand, will not agree to it. If your escort is really a cop, there is no way she will agree to taking nude photos for any amount of money. If you ask your escort to pose for money and she turns you down, you almost know for certain she is an undercover cop. This is especially true if she continually tried to get you to say or admit to wanting sex at any time after the photo shoot.

Cops are tricky beasts, but they can be outsmarted. Keep your wits about you. Be mindful of the things you say and when you say them. Don’t fall for the tricks. There are plenty of real escorts out there. Use your head and you’ll have no trouble finding one to fit the bill without having to wonder if she is a cop.