Albany Escorts: Michelle

We can relax, chill, and hang out like we have long history.


Albany. washington ave and fuller rd. 12203. Michelle We can relax chill and hang out like we have long history 1969263 Find more Albany Escorts posts, only the best Escorts in Albany.

Phone: (774) 778-7674

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Michelle is Available in Albany

If you’re in search for unmatched independent companionship, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll find that I’m quick to laugh, easy-going, always thoughtful, and very considerate. I have an organic body (5’3” 34D/28/36) that I love dressing up in sheer elegance when the occasion presents itself, but on daily basis I tend to stick to a cute dress or a pair of jeans-always looking polished and pretty. I love fresh and healthy dishes, Italian and French cuisine and seafood. I enjoy meeting discerning and accomplished gentlemen who are polite, kindhearted, and understand the need for privacy.

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