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Check out my UNCENSORED Special Talent TEASER Video! Clover in St Louis! Sep 25 - 26. Special Rates!

Clover Travels

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Clover Travels is Available in Saint Louis

Clever Clover
St Louis, MO
Sep 25- 26
Doubles Available
Deposit Required

Hi! I’m Clover. I’m your kinky, all natural, naughty girl next door and I love to use my SPECIAL WET TALENT! I have an awesome website! Check out my Likes page for what turns me on! Pinup PHOTOS are up on my site and so is my UNCENSORED SPECIAL TALENT VIDEO TEASER!!

I am so excited to be visiting STL again! I will be available for dates Sep 25 – 26. I am offering special rates for ATL: $400 hr, $600 90 mins, $800 2 hr, $1,100 3 hr, $1,450 4 hr, & $2,000 6 hr. You can see extended date donations on my site. I will also be offering doubles with several friends. I do REQUIRE a small deposit at the time of booking a date to show you are serious. See my website & Email me for more details.

I am a painter, writer, costumer, bodypaint model, bassist and sexpert. I am couple and female friendly! I love everything the female form has to offer me and am experienced in (and enjoy) Sapphic love. Ask me about photo shoots, videos, and your fantasies! I am female friendly.

I have STELLAR reviews!! I’m a charming insatiable woman with the wonderful ability of holding an intellectual conversation. I am passionate, perceptive, and a fast-learner. I have exquisitely porcelain skin that is unblemished, deliciously smooth, and loves to be gently petted. My luscious, gravity-defying 34D’s always create smiles and inspire wonder wherever they go! When you meet me you’ll see my long flowing curls down to the sexy small of my back, and my cute charming smile.

My favorite ways to spend my time, besides having lots of naughty fun, are reading, writing, conceptualizing, and painting. The authors I enjoy the most are George R. R. Martin, Tolkien, and R. A. Salvatore. My style of painting is a unique blend of different techniques, which you can ask me about! 🙂 I also deeply enjoy music and know the lyrics to an incredible number of songs.

I have been to many NYC play parties and kink events, and have witnessed and EXPERIENCED many mind-blowing erotic happenings. I love to play out fantasies and desires! I have a few special talents that are enjoyed by everyone I gush on!

I am not a same-day girl. I have a very active life, which requires me to plan in advance. While I would love to see you same day if possible, please keep in mind that is not always the case. Planning at least two days in advance is ALWAYS the best way to see me. I do not make dates or verify over the phone.

Many say that they have never met a girl with talents like me. My reviews speak volumes. I have a killer natural body that has been referenced to as a beautiful “Renaissance Painting”. I also am very skilled at many different types of pleasure, including kink, fetish, and Sapphic (I LOVE the ladies).

Please see my website for donation details and booking info.

I can’t wait to show you my SPECIAL WET TALENT!


Travel Schedule:
When home (Denver) I’m available for dates in Boulder (90 mins+), Ft Collins/CO Springs (2 hrs+), Vail/ Aspen/ Pueblo/ Cheyenne, WY (4 hrs+), Grand Junction/ Durango (6 hrs+) & Worldwide with “Fly Me to You” Dates (4 hrs+). Travel dates REQUIRE a deposit at time of booking. Travel fee may be additional.

NOW – Sep 13: Columbia, SC Doubles! – Deposit Required.
Sep 14 – 18: NOT AVAILABLE!
Sep 19 – 22: Atlanta, GA Doubles! – Deposit Required.
Sep 23 – 24: NOT AVAILABLE!
Sep 25 – 26: St Louis, MO. Doubles! – Deposit Required.
Sep 27 – 29: Downtown Chicago. Doubles! Deposit Required.
Sep 29 – Oct 1: Chicago O’hare. Doubles! Deposit Required.
Oct 1 – 3: Madison, WI. Deposit Required.
Oct 3 – 5: Minneapolis, MN. Deposit Required.
Oct 5 – 7: Des Moines, IA. Deposit Required.
Oct 7 – 9: Omaha, NE. Deposit Required.
Oct 9 – 12: Kansas City. Deposit Required.
Oct 13 – Nov 13: HOME in Denver, CO! Doubles!
Nov 14 – 16: Boston, MA. Doubles! Deposit Required.
Nov 17 – 19: NOT AVAILABLE!
Nov 20 – 22: Hartford, CT. Deposit Required.
Nov 23 – 28: NYC! Doubles Available!

TBA: Your City! Contact me about “Fly Me to You” Dates.

New Mermaid pics are coming in August! My Uncensored SPECIAL TALENT TEASER VIDEO is on my site!

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