Where Is Prostitution Legal?

September 25, 2017 5:00 am

Prostitution laws can be very confusing. The only state it is currently legal to practice prostitution in is Arizona & Nevada. It can only be practiced in brothels in rural areas away from the majority of the population. The history of prostitution the world over is elaborate and detailed. For many years, prostitution was legal in the United States. They were both a benefit and a problem to early continental troops. They kept morale high but also spread venereal disease. In 1910, legal measures began to make sure the white women providing services in the nation’s many brothels were not being held captive.

The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union had a large hand in the tidal wave of community voices that stopped prostitution from being as widely accepted as it had been. It was thought of as being a form of vice like drinking and gambling. They also began many laws against drug use.

Where is Prostitution Legal in the United States

Currently prostitution is legal only in Arizona by state law. Federal law till forbids it. Women caught in the act of prostitution are fined and jailed. Men who are caught patronizing a prostitute can also receive fines and jail time. Both also run the risk of being outed into the public eye. Fines can be anything from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Jail time can be a few hours or a few months, years even. It all depends on previous offenses and level of offense.

Is Prostitution legal in the Whole State

Prostitution is legal in Nevada but only portions. The strictly regimented brothels are allowed to legally operate in isolated rural areas. They must be situated away from the rest of the population. Prostitution is not legal in Reno, Las Vegas or Douglas and Lincoln counties. Nevada’s capitol city, Carson City, has also outlawed prostitution. All other counties in the state are allowed to license brothels although only eight have done so. There are approximately 20 legal brothels in the state of Nevada. Strangely enough, most of Nevada’s prostitution business is still done in the parts of the state that it is illegal.

Has Prostitution Always Been Legal in Nevada

Ever since the middle of the 19th Century, there has been a legal brothel in the state of Nevada. The oldest functioning brothel has been operating since 1902. A law requiring weekly health screenings of all legal prostitutes was enacted in 1937. In 1942, the industry took a blow to their profitable red-light districts when President FDR ordered prostitution to be suppressed near the military bases. It was lifted in 1948 but brothels were eventually closed in the city as public nuisances. It wasn’t until 1971 that an actual ordinance was passed to keep brothels limited only to places with a population below a specific threshold.

What Does it Look Like in Places Where Prostitution is Legal

When people as Is prostitution legal, they are usually thinking about things like the interior of a brothel and if it is closer to a luxury hotel or a trailer park. Most brothels are very nice and clean establishments as they have to pass state inspections. They are structures with pleasant little rooms to enjoy their provided services. All interactions are fun and professional. Clients are buzzed in and seated in a parlor where working girls appear and introduce themselves.

If a client finds a woman he is interested in he can retire to her room where prices are discussed and negotiations made. The administration is often listening. The brothel takes a much as half of the negotiated amount. Taxi drivers and other third parties are often cut into the profits. An average price is around $200 for 15 minutes. Prices can exceed $10,000 for a night if it is a party or the women are famous porn stars or well-known performers.

Is Prostitution Legal?

The answer is yes, but only in parts of Nevada. There are other countries where prostitution is legal, such as Amsterdam where the profession is unionized. Although it is illegal in most of the United States, there is not a city in its borders that does not have some form of illegal prostitution working within it.

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