What Makes A Good Escort?

What Makes A Good Escort?

March 27, 2018 8:14 pm

Being an escort is an unusual job. It is governed by unusual rules and yields unusual results. What makes a good escort depends on a lot of different factors. The least of which is what the woman wants out of the experience. The concept of what is good and what isn’t will be different in each person. Many people think a good escort is a beautiful one. But whose idea of beauty are we talking about? Who gets to define beauty? What one person thinks is beautiful does not appeal to the next person. Beauty is very subjective. While there are many variables and subjective topics when it comes to what makes a good escort, there are a few basic factors to consider that could help make a determination.

A Good Escort Enjoys Her Job

A person who enjoys what they do will always be better at their job than someone who looks at it as drudgery. A person who loves their job looks at every day as a blessing and they are happy to be there. They want you to be happy too. A good escort loves being an escort and is probably an independent contractor. Many women who work for a service are happy with their jobs as well but an escort who works for herself and keeps all the income is a happy girl.

It Helps to be Beautiful

It isn’t completely necessary to be a ravishing, unusually gorgeous woman in order to be a successful escort. As we discussed above, beauty is subjective. You just never know what the next guy will find attractive. While it certainly helps to be movie star quality beautiful, having a different sort of look can be just as lucrative. It is all in how she uses it and her other attributes. There is room for everyone in the escort business. You can make a successful go at it with any look as long as you can rock it.

A Savvy Business Sense is a Must For Any Good Escort

One characteristic you must have to be a successful escort is a savvy business sense. Escorting is a money business and you have to be able to handle it, organize it, save it, and spend it wisely to be a success. Some of this is just an innate ability, some is learned from experience in the industry. Many escorts are also college graduates who have degrees in accounting, business and investing. Having those skills comes in handy when the income begins coming in over five figures a week.

A Great Location is Essential For A Good Escort

Escorts who work in smaller towns only have so many opportunities. Much like everyone else in a small town, your options are limited. There is less of everything as you get further from any major metropolis and escorts are no different. Escorts working in a larger city have the benefits of a larger clientele, as well as more services for clothing, work space etc. Education and employment are easier to come by in larger cities as well.

A Full Date Menu is Important For A Good Escort

A good escort offers more than just straight sex. There is so much more that is important to the average client. No sex/companionship dates and weekend vacations are great examples. There are also a lot of fetishes that people are into that they would gratefully pay an escort to engage in. Anal sex, condom blowjobs, BDSM, and domination are some of the ore common fetishes that escorts are asked to include in their services. Some will charge extra for these extra services while others just include it in their donation price.

What makes a good escort all depends on the client. If the escort in question offers the services you are interested in and delivers them in a way that is pleasing at a price you can afford, she is a good escort. Not every escort is going to be able to accommodate you perfectly but may still be a good escort. The key to finding a good escort is finding someone your attracted to and work from there. Check out her website and see what she has to offer. Discuss prices and menu items before showing up for the date to make sure the experience is everything you want it to be.

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