What Is The Girlfriend Experience?

July 19, 2017 2:10 pm

Similar to all other fields of trade in the world, escorts have specialties. These specialties can be anything that deviates from the standard, professional date experience. Even going so far as to offer fetish services such as BDSM, roleplay, and the girlfriend experience. The girlfriend experience is a type of sexual encounter that is far more intimate than what is included in the basic rate. There is an emotional connection for however short a time. This type of experience is attractive to men for several different reasons. There is even a TV Show on Starz all about it.

What to Expect from The Girlfriend Experience

During a girlfriend experience date, an escort is paid not only for sex but for the whole feeling of being in a relationship. Conversations are deeper and more meaningful. There is a big focus on making a connection. Sex may or may not take place. If so, it includes open mouth kissing, oral sex, cuddling and more intimate contact than the basic rate. The whole time spent together is designed to resemble a date out with a significant other. Most often it starts with dinner, a movie and handholding and ends back at home on the couch or in a hotel, cuddling and making love. This experience can be as deep or as shallow as the client needs. Sometimes he wants the escort to speak and act as if they have a long history together and other times to be a young couple.

The Guys Who Want The Girlfriend Experience

People who want the girlfriend experience, (or the boyfriend experience if it’s a guy) are looking for the attention of a woman without the commitment. Often their job or private life doesn’t allow for a romantic relationship but they long for the closeness and intimacy of a relationship. Other times it could be a between relationships time and the girlfriend experience can serve as an emotional salve to temporarily ease the transition. In some instances, the clients are married and use the girlfriend experience as a way to supplement the staleness that married sex can become. There are as many reasons for getting the girlfriend experience as there are men who want it.

The Escorts Who Offer The Girlfriend Experience

Escorts generally offer this service because it pays better. It is a higher risk for them. Open mouth kissing and sex without protection can be deadly. The also run a higher risk of clients getting attached and becoming stalkers. These appointments do not always include sex either, which is a plus in many cases. Escorts must be comfortable with kissing, cuddling and petting, however, to be successful in this niche. The whole experience depends on developing a believable connection.

The Girlfriend Experience with a Guy

The girlfriend experience can be the boyfriend experience if we are talking about gay guys. Some recent studies documenting male sex workers report that most of the boyfriend experience dates do not include sex. They mainly consist of a date and conversation and some mild cuddling. It is the attention, conversation and intimacy that is most sought after during this experience. The practice of The Girlfriend Experience is nothing new. But it has gained a new place in the spotlight. There have been a slate of recent articles, books, movies, and television shows about it. Vanity Fair recently reported that a growing number of college students have been selling dates online to pay for school and luxury items. The transition from real girlfriend to escort and into the girlfriend experience is all too easy. Especially for women who are making a well-heeled for themselves providing this service. Many men use the same escort time and again which makes the experience even more real. The laxer attitude toward sex of younger generations also makes this opportunity particularly lucrative at the moment.

The girlfriend experience is something that many men have come to realize can be a helpful addition to life. There are times when a relationship is not available, prudent or possible. The company of a woman who pays you some attention is still required. Familiarize yourself with the basics of this service before you book an escort and make sure you know exactly what is in the package they offer.

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