What Hollywood Has Taught Us About Escorts

What Hollywood Has Taught Us About Escorts

March 7, 2018 8:14 pm

Hollywood is like the world’s babysitter. Much like television, Americans learn much of what they know from the images splashed across the screen. We joke about it, but the truth is, America is a very media driven society and if we see it on the silver screen, we take it for gospel truth. Sex and prostitution are popular topics coming out of Hollywood, as is anything lascivious and controversial. Some of our most prevalent ideas on these subjects came from Hollywood movies and ideals. Here is a look what Hollywood has taught us about Escorts.

Escorts are Just the Girls Next Door

Pretty Woman. —> Watch Pretty Woman’s Trailer. That is all I have to say and most everyone reading this will understand what I’m talking about. This is the movie that taught us that escorts and prostitutes are usually just a girl next door type who just wants to be loved. She is just trying to get ahead in life and for one reason or another she is using prostitution as a stepping stone. She’s cute, insufferable and just waiting for her prince charming to come and make everything OK.

Escorts are in High Demand

Hollywood doesn’t always use movies to teach us about escorts. Oh no. Sometimes the lessons come from the stars themselves. Hugh Grant, Rob Lowe, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, and Eddie Murphy have all used the services of a Hollywood escort. We see these bad boys of Hollywood partaking of this illicit service and we know that it is a service in high demand in the Hollywood hills. Not only do people hire escorts, but even the madams get famous. Remember Heidi Fleiss? She was the Hollywood madam who provided the likes of Charlie Sheen and others with their perfect call girls. She made headlines across the world when her prostitution ring was busted and still makes a living in the game.

Escorts are Educated

More than likely, that escort you hired and paid hundreds for has a college education and is actively pursuing more. She may even have a doctorate or masters. Selling sex means nothing when it comes to level of education. In fact, she may be selling sex in order to pay for said education. The people who can sell sex for high dollar amounts have a keen business sense among other attributes. They know how to manage and invest money intuitively and use it to fund a better future.

Escorts are Independent

An escort, whether male or female, is someone who is able to take care of themselves in all ways. They are physically and emotionally independent. This isn’t to say that they do not want an emotional connection with someone. Nor does it mean that they are not in need of a life partner just to make things easier. It simply shows an independence that not many people have. Escorts are not easily manipulated or coerced. They aren’t looking for a second opinion on any of their decisions. Making the final move is just fine with these folks.

Escorts are Business Moguls

Anyone who can make a successful living as an escort is a business mogul. There is no other way to put it. These kingpins of the sex industry know how to make the most money for their talents. They understand the fundamentals of the business world and how it applies to their chosen profession. Successful escorts implement standard business plans and tactics and put them to work increasing their income. Coupling this information with the knowledge of investments and money management and it leads to success no matter the field.

Hollywood has taught us a lot about escorts. How much of it is true, we have yet to establish. Movies take one aspect of life and exaggerate it to the hilt, often downplaying or totally ignoring other equally important aspects. This method makes it incredibly hard for viewers to determine reality from fiction. Even movies depicting true stories are rife with artistic liberties to enhance the story. The only true way to ever know what is true is to ask an escort. Regardless, Hollywood has taught us a lot about escorts that many of us would never know otherwise. The key is to realize it has at least a tint of Hollywood magic in it.

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