Things You Should Know Before Booking an Escort

October 30, 2017 5:21 am

Booking an escort doesn’t have to be scary and nerve wracking. It can actually be a very pleasant part of the whole experience. To make sure things go as smoothly as possible take the time to do a little research. There are a few things everyone should know before booking an escort. Professionalism is much more important than many people think. The media give the word a picture of prostitution and expects it to represent the world of escorts as well. While there are similarities, there are vast differences. One of the biggest differences is the clients.

The type of men who use escort services are a more refined, classier types of gentlemen. Where prostitutes are almost solely sought out for sex, an escort is often hired to only escort as a date to a social function or quiet dinner. Escorts are generally much smarter, more beautiful and more expensive than a prostitute. Once you have those basic differences understood, you will be surprised at some of the things people don’t know about the process of booking an escort.

You Can Background Check Before Booking an Escort

Most people are aware that when booking an escort, you will be given some sort of verification process. Each service makes its own requirements but you know that it will be administered What few people know is you can check out the service and escort before you choose to book an escort. There are several escort review sites online where you can see other reviews of their experiences with various escort services and freelancers. Remember to take these with a grain of salt. Clients can post hateful reviews for no reason, rival escorts post negative reviews on each other and fake review their own services. Difference between independent escorts and agencies.

Book an Escort from a Local Service Doesn’t Mean She is a Local Girl

If you have done the proper research, it has taken you a while to choose the right service and book an escort. You may have certain expectations of the girl you’d like to meet. It is always a good idea to tell the representative that you’re interested in a certain type of woman. One thing people usually overlook is location. Many just assume the woman will be a local since she is working here but that isn’t always true. Escorts often go on tour and visit clients around the country or the world. Sometimes alone, as a freelancer, but most often in conjunction with some service in the area.

Familiarize Yourself with the Pay Scale Before Booking an Escort

Escorts are paid well for their services. You can count on anywhere from $100 to $1000 an hour. Not including a tip or additional services purchased. If she has some kind of specialty fetish service, you can count on paying even more. Where you are also plays a big part in the price you pay for booking an escort. Bigger cities and smaller towns have vastly different price expectations. Some escorts have such specialized skills they service the country’s richest and most powerful men and make astronomical amounts of cash every day.

Learn the Lingo Before You Book an Escort

The laws against prostitution make advertising some of the specialties difficult. To make things easier there is a set of abbreviated codes that you will see on many of the websites. These codes describe various services the escort will provide. Common codes include

BBBJ – a blow job without a condom or “bareback”
CBJ – a blow job with a condom
GFE – the “girlfriend experience” or sex with a more affectionate bent

Book an Escort in Another Country for Another Experience

Booking an escort in a different part of the world is a whole new experience. Law are completely different in other countries. In Amsterdam, it is a unionized field. Generally, escorts in other countries will offer a wider variety of services than in America where it is illegal.

Booking an escort is a fun part of the whole experience and should be approached as such. There is no need to be nervous or apprehensive. Escort services have their friendliest and most helpful employees on the customer service ends of the business to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

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