Signs She Is An Escort

June 15, 2017 9:06 am

Finding an escort isn’t as easy as it sounds. The movies and television make it seem like you have to just look up the corner service and order up an escort. This aint Risky Business folks. You can’t pull a number from the back of a magazine and expect Rebecca De Mornay to show up at your door in half an hour. The process is much more daunting in this day and age. You can call one from an add but you can never be sure she isn’t a cop. You can also find an escort on a dating app. Escorts love to populate apps like Tinder and troll for dates. They usually tell you that they are an escort right away. They don’t want to waste time. If you aren’t in it for a paying date, they want to move on as soon as possible. Perhaps the best place to meet an escort is in a bar, lounge or some type of hotel VIP room. Escorts enjoy using this type of area because it is convenient. People are drinking, their inhibitions are lowered and men are actually looking for those services in those places. Here are 4 signs she is an escort to look out for.

Signs She is an Escort #1 – Sitting Alone

If you spot a gorgeous woman sitting at the bar all alone, it may be a sign she is an escort. Most women go to the bar or on a trip with a partner or friend. Escorts go alone in order to conduct business. You may see men approach her but walk away soon after. She may leave with a gentleman and come back but for the most part she will be sitting alone. Keep in mind that escorts are beautiful women. It is unusual to see a woman of certain beauty unescorted. It’s a good sign she’s an escort.

Signs She is an Escort #2 – Style

One sure sign she is an escort is her style. These women depend on looking immaculate at all times. A large part of what an escort does is look good on a client’s arm. She must always look her best. Escorts will most often have high-end brand clothing and accessories. Her purse and shoes will be of a high quality. He will have a pricey manicure and pedicure to show off and her hair will be coiffed to perfection. Her make-up will be flawless and style will simply ooze from her pours.

Signs She is an Escort #3 – She Has Money

Did you see that brand new BMW she pulled up in? How about that glass of pricey champagne she ordered? Get a load of her high-end shoes and leather bag. That lady has money and its one of the signs she is an escort. These women make bank and they have the accessories to prove it. There are sex workers who don’t make the kind of money these women do but they are on a more streetwalker type level of prostitution. There is nothing unusual about an escort making more than $1000 a day.

Signs She is an Escort #4 – She is Illusive

An escort is not going to offer you sex for money as soon as you sit down. You could be a cop. That is something you should be worried about too if you are approaching women in hotel bars hoping they are escorts. It will take a while before she allows the conversation to go in that way and when it does she will be vague and illusive. Most discussion on pricing and services will be done when you get her up to your room. Or vice versa. It is still very possible that one of you could be a cop at this point so she is likely to remain a bit leery. She may ask you to remove your clothing to check for wires. To bypass a lot of this uncomfortable experiences clients often just take out their payment and lay it on the table without saying anything.

There are a few signs she is an escort but it varies with each woman and your location. Trust your instincts and use your gut to determine if she is an escort.

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