Should You Tip An Escort?

July 16, 2017 2:50 pm

Seeing an escort for the first time is an amazingly exciting experience. The anticipation is excruciating but every bit a part of the experience. Thinking of all the things you’ll experience but also etiquette involved is perfectly natural. It is a new experience and you want to be comfortable. Thinking about all these things is your mind’s way of confronting them, letting you feel the experience and prepare which puts you more at ease. One of the most oft asked questions in this industry is- Should you tip and escort? So, rest assured. You are not alone. The answer is yes, but there are a lot of variables to consider. Tipping is especially important if you plan to use the service or escort again. Word gets around and if you are a cheapskate you will have trouble finding a date. Tipping also ensures that your escorts will try extra hard to give you a great experience because they know you will reward them for their time and effort. Here is some advice if you should tip an escort.

You Should Tip An Escort If You Enjoyed it

Tipping the really wonderful girls is an easy decision. There is no wondering if you should tip an escort with this type. She is good at her job, instinctively knows how to show you a good time, and is professional. There are any number of things an escort can do to make your experience something you truly enjoy. Sometimes appointments run over. It is nice to have an escort who isn’t a clock watcher and just concentrates on her job. It isn’t uncommon to be having such a great time, you find yourself wanting to do more than what you agreed on for the base pay. When this happens, an escort can oblige you or deny you. It may also happen that she decides to offer you other services you may like that weren’t agreed upon first.

Tipping An Escort Is something You Should Want To Do

In these instances, you should want to tip your escort. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure your session was as good as she could provide for you.Ask the service about tipping when you make the appointment. They will be happy to explain any protocol they have and what to expect. This goes a long way in lessening the nervousness and it helps to dissipate any confusion during the appointment. A good rule of thumb is to bring the same amount you agreed upon as a base price to use for tips. You do not have to give it all to her but you never know how you will be feeling. You may have had the most mind-alteringly fantastic sex of your life and be wishing you had hit the ATM before you came. The usual practice is to give her the agreed upon fee at the beginning of the night. You can sit it on the nightstand or anywhere in plain sight. You don’t have to talk about it or hand it to her. This goes a long way in making both of you feel more comfortable. Once the session is over, you tip her accordingly, keeping in mind all of the factors discussed above.

If Something Goes Wrong You Should Not Tip An Escort

The only way you would not want to tip your escort is if something went tremendously wrong. If you have preferences tell them when you make an appointment. If you specifically ask for an escort who does not smoke but open the door to a beauty with the faint scent of Marlboro hanging around her head you’ll be upset. If she smokes during your appointment you will be downright outraged, especially if you have an allergy. You may want to consider abstaining from the tip. Another reason would be if she derailed from the plan sexually. Everyone has something they don’t particularly dig and when someone throws that in the mix it can put a damper on an otherwise great time. If the sex wasn’t great, you should still tip her just not in any grandiose manner.

Money isn’t the only way to tip an escort. Gifts are an acceptable form of tip. Should you tip an escort with a gift? If it is a quality gift, yes. Gift cards to five star restaurants or pricey lingerie stores are always appreciated. However you decide to tip, treat your escort with respect and you’ll always be a favorited client.

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