Safety Tips For Escorts

September 2, 2017 8:06 am

It is no secret that escorting can be a very lucrative and exciting business to be in. The large quantities of money, trips and fine dining can make escort life feel like a fairytale. It is easy to forget that just like any job, there are risks. Unlike other jobs, however, the risks are high and can cost you your life and livelihood. Being aware of the risks is half the battle. Once you are conscious of the risks you can properly safeguard yourself and avoid them if possible. Follow these safety tips for Escorts to help protect yourself on the job.

Safety Tips For Escorts #1 – Anonymity

It is important to keep your personal information private. Identity theft technology can be used to find out your private information, even when you think you are being careful. It is easy for hackers to use the Internet to find out things you had no idea was even out there. Always use a post office box instead of your home or even an office address. Do not register your P.O. box with your home address. Use your driver’s license or state ID. Never use your personal cell phone to book jobs or speak with clients. Use only prepaid cell phones without billing records. Stay anonymous in your advertising practices too. Use gift cards and prepaid credit cards to purchase advertising and media. Use a separate Paypal account to receive and make payments.

Safety Tips For Escorts #2 – Screening Clients

Screening your clients is an important part of being an escort. The alternative is taking the risk of getting scammed, robbed and even killed. Escorts screen their client in a variety of ways and depths. Much depends on the area in which you are working. Screening clients can be as simple as a reverse phone lookup to make sure things look legit. Background checks are also an option. Screening clients is a tricky business. Performing adequate screening can assure you feel relaxed and confident which makes for a better client experience. However, discretion is just as important for the client as it is the escort. Attempting to delve too far into his private information can cause him to become skittish and bolt. You will lose a client to the next escort on the list.

Safety Tips For Escorts #3 – Cash and Other Payment Methods

A lot of escorts will only accept cash. It is convenient and untraceable. It can also be counterfeit. You may think you could spot a counterfeit bill but some of them are incredibly realistic. Know what real money looks like. It is a good escort safety tip to keep in mind. Check for the watermark on all bills and locate the metal safety strip on the left side. The watermark should match the denomination. Take note of the color shifting ink. It should change colors in the light. Ensure the paper feels right. Authentic American currency is made from 75% cotton and a 25% paper blend. Some escorts do not accept credit card payments as they can be later disputed. Gift cards can be empty, and checks and money orders can be cancelled.

Safety Tips For Escorts #4 – Sex Safety

Sex safety for escorts is a bit more intensive than what you learned in high school sex education classes. This may be the most important of all escort safety tips. Any time you have sex, professionally or not, you run the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. So, keep that in mind. Before you begin work as an escort you should have yourself checked and then at regular intervals, every 1 to 3 months, throughout your career. Always inspect your client’s private parts before any sex takes place. Make sure you are the one who takes his pants down so you can get an up close and personal view of what he has going on down there. You’re looking for rashes, bumps or warts of any kind. Start with a hand job so you can feel the skin for any abrasions. Don’t forget to look at his mouth. If there are any cold sores or anything that looks like a recent cold sore, do not kiss him or allow him to perform oral sex on you. Obviously, never under any circumstance have sex without a condom.

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