Is Prostitution Legal In Nevada?

July 1, 2017 3:31 am

Prostitution has been a part of the human condition as long as societies have been formed. In ancient times prostitutes had an almost regal status and as society progressed they assumed different positions in the social order along the way. There is always a demand for the service of a prostitute and never a shortage of women who would like to provide the service. The trouble that arises is when the government decides that citizens should not buy or sell sexual favors. Here is some answers to the question, is prostitution legal in Nevada.

The History Of Legal Prostitution In Nevada

Once the American Colonies were settled, prostitutes were a staple on the battlefront. They tended to soldiers, wounded and well, and helped keep morale up. They were considered helpful in the cities as a big part of the economy. All towns that were considered successful held at least a brothel or two and several street walkers. Nevada was no different. The tails of the Old West and the bawdy towns that inhabited it are mostly true. Most had a saloon/restaurant with a hotel and brothel incorporated. Soon, however, sexually transmitted diseases began to take hold and it wasn’t long before people realized it was being spread by the prostitutes.

The Takedown Of Prostitution In Nevada

The beginning of the ban on prostitution began with a women’s suffrage group. They rallied against drinking, gambling and prostitution as community hazards. Eventually prohibition began and prostitution was suffering from a variety of legal maneuvers. Most of the country outlawed prostitution as a legal trade but Nevada held on. The federal government decided it was against the law but the state of Nevada felt they could find revenue in it.

Is Prostitution Legal in Nevada – Yes and No?

There are currently almost 20 legal brothels in the state. Most of the counties do not permit prostitution. Only a few rural counties have brothels. Prostitution is not allowed in any of the big cities like Las Vegas or Reno. Only 8 counties have chosen to maintain brothels. Oddly enough, with all the many options for legal prostitution in the state, most happens in the cities where it is not legal. The idea behind legalizing it was to gain some revenue for the state but far more money is still spent with illegal prostitution.
Taxes and Fees Associated With Legal Prostitution In Nevada

Brothels and prostitutes must get weekly health check-ups and tests. They must also pay a set of fees to the state as well as federal income taxes. The state of Nevada does not have a state income tax. There is a state entertainment tax but prostitutes are exempt and not required to pay any other taxes. Brothel owners actually lobbied to be taxed in an attempt to make their businesses more legitimate and in a higher standing in the community.

Is Prostitution Legal in Nevada? – The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that prostitution is legal in certain counties in Nevada but it is still happening all over the state. Even more so in the cities where it is illegal. Those cities are more populated and more popular. Tourists come for the gambling and fast paced lifestyle but they are always in search of the great Las Vegas Escort Experience. Some people seek out the legal brothels. They are an experience in themselves. They are more modern and luxurious than most people realize. Not all are high class establishments, some are plain jane type buildings with a clear-cut business agenda. Clients are brought in and sat in a foyer. The working prostitutes then come in and greet the clients. If a connection is made then more direct business measures are taken in a private room and that is also where money is exchanged.

You can definitely find any sort of prostitution experience in Nevada, and this makes most wonder is prostitution legal in Nevada. Depending on what county you are in, it may or may not be legal. To be on the safe side, make sure that you know where you are and what the laws are. You can go to jail for using a prostitute in Nevada just as easily as anywhere else in the country.

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