How To Spot A Fake Escort Ad

June 23, 2017 5:40 pm

When surfing the net for an escort there are a lot of things to consider. You can’t always tell if the ads are real or fake. If you do, you’re not sure about how much of it is true. Or what is going to show up at your door. This type of information isn’t easy to find. It takes quite a bit of Internet searching, reading, research and asking around to get a good handle on the best ways to tell a fake escort ad. Unscrupulous crooks try to scam you out of money with these fake escort ads. They may also attempt to lure you somewhere to rob or injure you. It is also possible that fake escort ad is a police sting. Learning to spot a fake escort ad is super important if you are going to attempt to use a service. You can also always check for verified sexy seals on –

Pictures Can Give Away a Fake Escort Ad

Take an investigative look at the pictures on an escort ad. A good rule of thumb is if they are headshots of an extreme professional variety, it is probably a fake escort ad. Since prostitution is illegal, escorts are not going to put their real photo up on a website very often. Even if the photo is a professional shot, and even if it is of another body part, most likely it is a fake escort ad. Especially if it claims to be the actual woman who will answer the ad. Pictures on an escort site ad are supposed to represent a caliber and type of woman. If you see an attractive redhead on the ad, you will meet an attractive redhead, although not the exact same attractive redhead from the ad. Look for ads with photos that are reveling but not telling. They should be good clear photos but which are obviously from a cell phone camera or digital camera. If the photo is not professional and seems taken from a phone or by an amateur, it may still be fake if it shows the woman’s face or any identifying marks.

Check Your Text to Spot a Fake Escort Ad

It may sound snotty but a professional is a professional despite what field they are in and a professional would never have misspellings, typos, nonsense paragraphs and bad grammar. It should make sense and read logically. No matter what business you are in, you want a clientele of a caliber that you can trust. The advertisements may be sparsely worded and simple, but they will be properly worded with no spelling mistakes. The biggest give away of a fake escort ad is when the text seems written by a child or non-English speaker. This is a dead giveaway that the ad was placed in a hurry. Or by someone who doesn’t have anything to lose. Basically, it has to appear to be written by the person you imagine in your mind when you read it.

Compare Your Information to Spot a Fake Escort Ad

An effective way to spot a fake escort profile, but one that takes some time, is to take all the information you have on the ad and compare it against itself. Contrast the writing style and pictures of the ad with the text you receive in your first email contact or phone conversation. Does it sound like the same person? Or does it seem like it was written by an entirely different person? If you are looking at an ad from a freelancing escort, you’ll want all the text to look the same. You will want all the nuances of the communication to have the same feel so that you are comfortable believing that one woman is the only person involved. Not a team of inspectors or a posse of thugs waiting in ambush.

First and foremost, use your gut and instinct to spot a fake escort ad. If something seems off to you, it probably is. Use due diligence and check out everything from the text and photos to the first phone call. Compare your info and use your gut. It isn’t that hard to spot a fake escort ad.

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