How to Spot an Escort

How to Spot an Escort

February 26, 2018 8:14 pm

It’s your best friend’s bachelor party. You have called in the boys and its going to be epic. There are playlists at the ready, drinks are chilling, and the limo is getting gassed up. All you have to do is get dressed and head out. One thing on your list hasn’t been obtained yet. The evenings erotic entertainment has yet to be determined. Escorts, dancers and erotica of all types is on the menu. One point of contention is how to spot an escort. It isn’t always easy. Sometimes you may think someone is an escort and end up with a smart slap in the face. Other times you stand by guessing and the next guy gets the date. Check out these easy tips on how to spot an escort.

She is Way Too Hot for You

When some random gorgeous girl walks up to you and just strikes up a flirty conversation for no reason, you have to know something is fishy. Unless you are Johnny Depp, this isn’t going to happen to you unless she is an escort. She wont just be perfectly dressed and coiffed. No, she will also smell like a million dollars and be so geometrically perfect you’ll swear she was genetically produced. Those women are usually escorts.

How to Spot An Escort – She’s Very Private and Closed-lipped

So, your trying to make small talk but its not easy. This girl seems to have no job, past or current residence. Is she a real person? If the woman you are chatting up is very tight lipped about her life, especially her occupation, then you can rest assured, she is probably an escort. Escorts are at work when you are speaking with them. That is their job. You are a client. They are not about to share personal information with clients.

She Isn’t into Long Conversations

She may stand around and chit-chat for a minute, but this lady wants to get down to business. Does she seem impatient as you prattle on about the Vegas stage show you just saw or the magnificent meal you just had? That is because she is an escort and she needs to cram in as many clients into the night as she can. You making small talk and missing all her subtle hints is a waste of time and she will probably just bail on you.

Security Makes her Nervous

Most women in a casino or club environment feel much safer when security is around. They are visibly more at ease knowing there is a measure of protection for them in case of emergency. An escort will have the opposite reaction around security personnel. She will be nervous and most likely suggest moving to another area. She will get skittish around them, avoid them and have a sudden need for the ladies’ room.

How To Spot An Escort – Her Attire is More Expensive Than Your Car

Escorts make bank. Those girls do not fool around with their money. They are in it to win it. You can usually spot an escort by the expensive clothing she clads herself in. Name brands, expensive cuts of fabric and high dollar jewelry are all part of her everyday attire. If she looks like something out of a Vogue magazine, you may have spotted an escort.

How To Spot An Escort – She Gives You Her Number on a Business Card

If you don’t get this sign, you may be an idiot. Most often, when you ask a girl for her number, shell put it in your phone or write it on a table cloth. When you ask an escort for her number, you get an embossed business card with her phone number and a sexy pic of her on it. Kind of like the old calling cards people used to leave for each other in the civil war era, but not quite as innocent. It may not say it (although it might) but it is a business card for her particular kind of business.

Learning how to spot an escort isnt as difficult as one might think. There are some tell-tale signs that always give it away. Pay attention to the small details and you’ll be able to tell at first sight anywhere you go.

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