How To Find Escorts In Las Vegas

July 22, 2017 1:08 pm

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Everyone has heard of its rich mob history and the sparkling casinos that resulted. The landmarks and natural wonders draw history buffs the world over. There are endless things to do from performances and casinos to museums, tours and galleries. No matter what your taste preferences are, there is a restaurant your about to fall in love with. Some have outdoor dining areas that are perfect for people watching as the crowds walk by. With so much to do, see and experience, a guy can find himself in need of some female company to enjoy it all with. Luckily, it isn’t hard to learn how to find escorts in Las Vegas.

Find Escorts in Las Vegas in any Casino Bar

One great and almost fool-proof way to find an escort in Las Vegas is by sitting down in any casino bar and ordering a drink. Every big casino you go into in Las Vegas will have its fair share of freelance escorts working the downstairs. These are really ballsy girls. They risk going to jail with the many cameras and security measures in place. Prostitution is illegal in the county and escorts can easily get caught searching for clients. Clients can also go to jail by soliciting the wrong woman. While the chances of finding an escort in Las Vegas this way are pretty good they are also fairly risky. Most of these working girls prefer to leave the casino area before discussing any business at all. It is a good idea to invite her up to your room for a cocktail before any other discussion. If you feel it’s necessary to discuss a bit of business before going elsewhere be extremely discreet or you’ll land the two of you in jail. Instead of asking for prices outright, discuss her average tip or the amount you are willing to pay.

How To Find Escorts In Las Vegas With an Agency

This is another easy way to find an escort but you may find it more expensive. It is hard not to figure out a way to find an agency because they are literally everywhere you turn in Las Vegas. Walk just a half-mile down the strip and you’ll see half a dozen or more advertisements. People stand on the sidewalk and breezeways handing out cards for various escort agencies. You will have dozens of those little cards in your hands before you get to where you are going. All you have to do is pick one and call the number. Trucks with huge billboards roll by advertising escorts and call girls of every type. Limo drivers and cabbies often do some advertising for escort agencies in Las Vegas and there are magazines stands at every corner with ads galore. Don’t feel uncomfortable when the service asks you some questions to verify your identity. They have to be safe, just like you. Most often they will ask you for some info and then call you back once you have been verified to discuss what type of services you need and prices.

How To Find Escorts in Las Vegas via The Internet

Using the Internet to find an escort in Las Vegas is a bit like combining the above two methods. There is a plethora of escort services online. Do any simple search and you’ll find many websites for all types of escort services. You will also find a lot of sites dedicated to helping people find independent escorts who work for themselves. Some independent freelancers also have websites of their own. There are some safety issues when dealing with a dating experience of any kind online to keep in mind. Make sure you call an actual escort service and not a service directory if you see several girls offering services on the same site. Do not just choose the first site that you see. Take a while and look at several sites and compare them. Call a few before deciding which one to take further.

Find an escort in Las Vegas in any variety of ways to enhance the Vegas experience.

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