How To Find An Escort On A Business Trip

December 30, 2017 5:16 am

Business trips are not as fun as they sound. You tell your friends your company is flying you to Las Vegas for the weekend to close a deal with a client and they all moan in jealousy. It sounds like such a dream job to have. No matter what it actually entails, you’ll be in some exotic local doing it. To the layman, it all sounds ideal. No one realizes that no matter where you are, you are still at work. You’re on the clock the whole time you are gone in an unfamiliar place around people you do not know. You are slightly uncomfortable 24/7 and have none of the comforts of home. Even if the boss puts you up at The Ritz, you can still feel lonely and bored. Finding an escort on a business trip can be a real lifesaver when you need it most.Here is exactly how to find an escort on a business trip.

Find an Escort from a Publication

How To Find An Escort On A Business TripNo matter what city you are in, there are newspapers, magazines and various publication created right there in that city. They depict the local news, weather, feature stories, real estate, government reports and law enforcement happenings. Everything that happens in that city will be reported right there in that publication. Take a look at the back pages. That is where you usually find classifieds, advertisements, announcements and help wanted. More than likely, you’ll find a few ads for escorts and other companions. Take down a few numbers and make some calls. Do not agree to the first service you call. Check out a few others to see everything available in the area.

Find an Escort from an App

Find an Escort from an AppSo many people use apps today. There is an app for most any activity, hobby or business need in existence. There are apps to help you navigate, shop, learn a foreign language, and play more games than you can imagine. Some of the most popular apps are those that help people find dates. There are a tons of different dating apps and every now and then one will stand out in the crowd. Tinder, for instance. This app became famous for hooking people up with a quick swipe across the screen. It was so easy to find a person to chat with and so little real personal information is exchanged, a lot more one night stands than lasting relationships have been formed. This type of environment is perfect for an escort to work. Once you get connected to a woman she will let you know right away if she is an escort and you can quickly arrange a date.

Find an Escort Online

Finding an escort online is probably the easiest way of all to do it. You can even begin your search before you leave for your business trip. Conduct an online search for escort agencies in the area to which you are travelling. Select a few that appeal to you and research them on some of the popular escort review sites. Remember that not all of the reviews are legitimate. Some of them are from rival business owners looking to besmirch another’s reputation. Some are from disgruntled clients. You have do research as much as you can and use your best judgement and gut instinct to decide which escort agency to go with.

Find an Escort in a Lounge

Find an Escort in a LoungeDepending on where you are, you may be able to find an escort in a lounge or bar. Especially if it is attached to a hotel. Big cities such as New York and Vegas will have escorts in more obvious places but you still have to know what you’re looking for to find it. Prostitution is illegal unless you are in small town in Nevada so escorts will be extremely careful in most situations. You have to be familiar with the lingo and know the tricks of the trade to have a successful encounter. It doesn’t take long. Just an hour or two on the Internet and you should have enough knowledge to go forth and find an escort. You will probably find this the hardest of all the options because of the strict privacy escorts demand. It will be much easier to use any of the other methods.

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