How To Book An Escort Legally

October 21, 2017 12:34 am

An escort is simply that, an escort. Someone to go places with and do things with. An escort is a person who sells their own company to those who need some. It can be anyone from a college student who misses his family and friends to a business executive who needs a date to an affair. When people seek to book an escort legally, they need not fear. The act of escorting is legal. Where people get confused is when they assume sex is part of the package.

You Can’t Book an Escort Legally for Sex

Sex is not something that is on the table if you want to book an escort legally. That is not to say that it doesn’t happen. Escort agencies have a variety of ways to verify if the client calling is a law enforcement officer. They ask a variety of unusual questions pertaining to employment and references like other escorts. They will also call you back more than once after verifying your info for more info. You can’t be too careful. Try to take it in stride although it is aggravating. It is a necessary part of the safety features.

Your Options are Somewhat Limited When You Book an Escort Legally

Legal prostitution is only available in Nevada, and only rural parts of it. If you’re looking for sex or any sexual play that is legal to purchase you will have to book an escort legally in Nevada. Otherwise, you will be operating outside the law. Prostitution has always been available despite the laws against it. There are simply more hoops to jump through and red tape to fight.

What You Can Do When You Book an Escort Legally

Escorting in its purest sense is what the legal business end entails. It functions best for businessmen who need accompaniment to fund raisers and business events. Men who travel for business purposes are another great client of the traditional legal business of escorting. They are often lonely and in need of conversation about something other than business which can be hard to find on the road.

Places to Book An Escort Legally

When you book an escort legally, you are put through a verification process. The process is in place to make sure that you are not a violent offender or a policeman if the date is to include sex. It takes several return phone calls and a few pertinent questions that may seem strange but actually do serve a purpose. Once the verification process has been taken care of, the date details will be established. Sometimes specific sex acts are discussed at this point, other times you wait for the date to commence and discuss it then. Prices will vary depending on the services you request. For a simple escort, prices usually begin around $200 and will go higher with longer time and more detailed services.

Booking an escort legally is the easy part. The hard part is finding one that offers illicit services that you can trust. It means finding a perfect girl at a service that is reputable and has prices you can handle. This requires a fair bit of research on your part. The first step is to find the services that are local to you. You will not want to travel too far out of the area you are in, especially if you are there on business an unfamiliar with the area.

After you have found a few services close to you, begin looking for reviews and comments on them specifically. Compare the reviews you have found and make your judgement. Don’t forget that rival escort agencies often get on message boards and make fake complaints about each other to discourage business. They also make fake glowing reviews of their own businesses. You have to use your own judgement when going through the reviews. If you can find actual clients of a local escort service, make sure to get hold of them and ask about their experience with any service you are interested in.

It isn’t hard to book an escort legally but it is hard to book an escort legally for sex.

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