How Much Does An Escort Charge?

How Much Does An Escort Charge?

February 15, 2018 8:14 pm

Just like anything in life, hiring an escort is an ever-changing situation. From where you live, to what services you ask for, everything has an impact on the price you pay. Other factors are present as well, such as how attractive the escort is. Considering all the variables that can come into play, it is really hard to judge how much does an escort charge? on an average. The best you can hope for is a general guideline based on types of escorts.

How much does an escort charge? – The Back Alley Escorts

There is a certain type of escort you usually see in smaller towns. Places with a municipal airport and a few truck stops. The escorts there are just starting out and have no advertising budget or much experience to help them. Their date menu will be restrictive, and they will not be the most poised and beautiful women to walk the Earth. You won’t pay a whole lot for a date with these types of escorts.

How much does an escort charge? – The Average Sally

In a regular size city, you will see a variety of escorts. None of which will be of the caliber you’ll see in higher-end cities like Miami or Las Vegas, but lovely ladies in their own right. Access to the finer things in life isn’t as easy as in other places. New trends and fashions do not reach these locations as quickly as larger cities. The economy is different, and life is at a slower pace. The average cost of an escort is around $300 an hour for this type of escort.

How much does an escort charge? – The Professional Escort

Once an escort learns a few things and moves up the ladder of success, she realizes she needs to work for an agency. Agency girls have a high standard. They are gorgeous and impeccable in all manners. There are also escorts of this high caliber that work independently as professionals. Girls new to the industry will charge anywhere from $500 to $1500 per hour. More seasoned escorts can charge $5000 or more per hour. Read about the worlds most expensive escorts here – Professionals of this caliber also enjoy gifts and cash donations from long-time clients that factor into their income. These women aren’t your average sex worker, however. They are more experienced, educated, and impressive than the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen. Their sexual prowess is unlike anyone in your history. They are every bit the sexual goddesses that they are made out to be.

How much does an escort charge? – Weekends and Special Dates

If you want to spend the night, the weekend or an extended vacation with a professional escort, that is certainly possible in the larger cities. Expect to pay for it, though. It isn’t cheap. Besides footing the bill for everything from travel to food and clothes, you’ll also need to giver her a stipend for her time. These trips should be saved for special occasions and women that you truly respect and favor.

The Menu

One thing that plays a big part in what an average escort charges is her menu. If she only does straight sex, then you’ll find yourself paying just straight sex prices. She may offer condom blowjobs or anal sex. Usually, this information is listed on the website or ad. If not, she will tell you when you make the appointment. If you are interested in some type of fetish play, that will usually cost more. Sometimes, everything is all inclusive in the donation price. You just have to clarify that with your escort. View a escort menu here.

The Invisible Factor

One thing people do not always think about when it comes to how much the average escort charges is how much money she needs at that moment. She may have to take her kid to the orthodontist or buy a new car. She could need to pay rent for her mom’s retirement home or kid’s college tuition. Escorts are people too and you never know just what is happening in her life. If she is going through a pressing financial situation, her prices will go up.

There are a lot of factors deciding how much the average escort charges. Anything from appearance to the city you’re in has an effect. There are also invisible factors and uncontrollable issues. One person’s guess is as good as another’s. Take these hints into consideration and use your best judgement.

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