Warning Signs You Are Falling In Love With An Escort

November 28, 2017 3:54 pm

Despite the love-struck Hollywood movies where the john falls head over heels in love with the hooker, its generally a bad idea to fall in love with an escort. Despite this fact, a recent study reported in The Huffington Post showed a large portion of men who frequent the same escort eventually develop romantic feelings for her. It is the general consensus that men seek out prostitutes to escape intimate emotions but the study showed that might not be true. The study noted that recent years have seen a shift in the way sex workers are seen and the work they do can be used as a quasi-dating arena. The comfortability of the relationship lends itself to real romantic feelings. If you think you might be feeling something more than a professional relationship sprouting up, consider the below warning signs you are falling in love with an escort.

Routine Leads to Romance and Falling in Love With an Escort

Humans thrive on routine. Kids do their best when they follow a strict routine and adults do their best work when a routine is in play. It isn’t so surprising that seeing the same escort on a fairly regular routine can be a warning sign that you are falling in love with an escort. It can be comforting to have this standing date, knowing full well there is no romantic ties to adhere to. But it can lead to danger if this is the only sexual contact that you have or if it seems to be consuming your thoughts.

Your Falling in Love with an Escort if you See Her Uniqueness

When we are in love, we tend to see the unique and special qualities about the person we love. This is because we also feel passion about this person. The two feelings together cause a chemical reaction in the brain that makes you feel really good around that person. You begin to see so many good points about this person that you are surprised that you never noticed them before. Or you may be utterly amazed at how cool this girl is. You feel she is a perfect match for your personality. It also results in an inability to feel romantic about another person. So, if you feel that no one else can trip your trigger quite like her, you may be falling in love with an escort.

Nonsexual Fantasies Mean Your Falling in Love with an Escort

You are probably falling in love with an escort if you find yourself having fantasies about her. Fantasies that are not sexually related. Do you imagine yourself on a date in a smoky bar or dark lounge? Maybe you see the two of you on a beach somewhere holding hands in the sand. Do you daydream about rainy afternoons under a blanket on the sofa watching movies? It is a good sign that you are falling I love with an escort if you do. You are crossing the line from professional service to real life and developing feelings along the way.

Emotional Overloads Accompany Falling in Love with an Escort

When you begin to realize, even subconsciously, that you may be falling in love with an escort, you are subject to go a little berserk. Anxiety, stress and a bit of panic will leak into your life every time you talk to her or see her. Your mind will race. A million scenarios will play through your mind a day. Small things will suddenly take on larger significance. Emotions go awry when a person is in love, especially if it is an unusual situation.

Falling in love with an escort comes with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. The final value of such emotions can only be determined by the two people involved. Every couple has different beliefs and needs in a relationship. Combined, they form a whole new entity. The problems they face could mean nothing to them but break the next couple. It is their unique dynamic that will determine if their relationship can withstand the unique pressures of falling in love with an escort. It is worth a try.

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