Escort Etiquette 101

January 21, 2018 12:29 am

Acquiring an escorts services for the night is a daunting task. It comes with a bit of anxiety, excitement and stress. Especially if it’s your first time. You aren’t quite sure exactly how to behave or what to expect but you do not want to humiliate yourself, end up in jail or be blackballed from any decent service. It is not that hard to get a handle on the escort world and the etiquette it requires. Take a look below for the most important escort etiquette to keep in mind.

Escort Etiquette Tip No. 1 – Do Your Research

Escort Etiquette 101It might sound crazy but a little research can do you a world of good when it comes to hiring your first escort. Your first step in escort etiquette is to check out the many message boards and review sites pertaining to the world of escorts. These things are a wealth of information. Escort service providers also advertise on these sites so you can check out the ads to find services to start with. Never stop at just one ad. Visit several sites and check out all their services. Message boards are a great place to hear about various services but there are some pitfalls. Escorts and service owners often join these message boards and pose as clients to bash competition and leave themselves glowing reviews. Doing the proper research takes time. You must look at more than the prices and the pictures to get the best feel for the service. Once you decide on a service look through the message board threads for discussions on the service. You’ll get a mixed bag of reviews and you’ll have to decide for yourself which ones to believe.

Escort Etiquette Tip No. 2 – Follow the Rules

An import rule of escort etiquette is to always follow the rules from initial contact to the final moments of the appointment. Make sure to read up on their protocol and rules or you run the risk of doing something wrong, pissing someone off and never getting another visit. One mistake often made is not filling out all the requested information on the website contact form. If you find a site that wants to know more than your comfortable sharing move on to the next one. You will only be wasting time. Sometimes escort services and sites have a comments section. If you ever intend on getting a visit, do not make any sexual, rude or negative comments. This will ensure you are not contacted.

Escort Etiquette Tip No. 3 – Emails Say a Lot

Escort Etiquette Tip No. 4 – The Pain of VerificationPeople often forget that their emails are an extension of themselves. The things you say in that email represent you and give the reader their first impression of you. Misspellings, grammar errors and punctuation mistakes matter. Do not try to write like you speak. Instead use proper sentence structure and your bet attempt at spelling and punctuation. The average spell checker will help a lot. Do not be sexual, lewd or lascivious. Stay professional in all inquiries about the service and payment.

Escort Etiquette Tip No. 4 – The Pain of Verification

Once you have made initial contact and begun a conversation, you will need to be verified. Escort etiquette calls for every client to be verified as safe and not law enforcement or an abuser. The service asks you a variety of questions about a lot of parts of your life. Questions about your work, who you know, if you’ve seen other sites, and some personal information. It is important not to fight this process. It must be done and it protects both of you. You won’t find a decent service that doesn’t verify.

The most important parts of escort etiquette are also common sense. Be cordial, polite and professional. Just because it is a business that deals in sex doesn’t mean it isn’t a business. Deviating outside normal behavior will get you nowhere except the possibility of jail. When the big day comes, make sure to be clean. Clean body, clean clothes and clean environment. Make sure to be fully clothed and sober when you first meet your escort. Follow these basic rules with each escort you meet and you will always have a great time.

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