9 Best Ways to Find An Escort

January 12, 2018 9:27 pm

When new escort hobbyists set out to find an escort they don’t always realize how hard it can be. It isn’t as easy as you see in the movies when the handsome gentleman or horny college guy looks in the back of the newspaper and orders a call girl to the door. There are many issues that you don’t think of until the moment it becomes a reality. What if she is an undercover law officer? What if she has a violent pimp or she is violent? Why is she asking me so much personal information? Is all this legit? How do I pay her? These questions and more are part of the stress you feel the first time you find an escort. There is a simple formula to find an escort:

• Research
• Book
• Prep
• Date

Research to Find an Escort Who is Perfect for You

9 Best Ways to Find An EscortThere are always ads for escorts in major newspapers and publications. If you’re in a smaller town you can also check Craigslist and do basic searches to find a local girl or service. Backpage.com is another great place to start. Look for women you are attracted too, but also reputable services with few complaints on the review boards. Don’t scrimp on your research. It is important to check out a few different services and to make sure they aren’t a scam service. There are a few dead giveaways for scam website. One is studio quality pictures. Prostitution is illegal almost everywhere in the country so ads baring her face are not likely. It’s also a bad sign to see the same ad posted in several different locations. Unless it is a large agency, it is hard for one escort to service several different states.

The First Contact When You Find an Escort

One giant newbie mistake is to get into too many sexy details when you make the first phone call or email. This initial conversation is intended to only get the ball rolling. He will want to make sure you aren’t a cop or a weirdo and you will want to ensure the same. Do not discuss sex, price or what you expect. All that will be decided later. This first contact should mostly pertain to the date, time and location of the proposed date.

References You Will Need to Find an Escort

Yes, references. This little nugget of information always seems to knock newbies back for a moment. When you call to make an appointment with an escort, you will need some sort of information to verify who you are. Usually you can provide the name of an escort you have seen or know. You can also provide your employment information to prove you aren’t law enforcement or a verification service. There are services like DateCheck and Preferred411 that you can use to verify your credentials and some escort services will require you to use it.

Find an Escort with Your Tone of Voice

Find an Escort with Your Tone of VoiceMuch research has been done about the way we communicate with each other. We know that a lot of the way we perceive each other is not just the words we say but also the way we say it. Nonverbal communication is important too. When we are on the phone, we can’t tell body language and so tone of voice becomes much more important. Women are especially adept at listening to tone of voice in a conversation. Speaking to the escort service in a calm, cool and collected manner goes a long way in helping them feel calm about you too. Try not to sound nervous or give too much information right off the bat. Follow their lead and answer the questions as they are asked.

There are several ways to find an escort. (The New Uber For Escorts App) Most of which require quite a bit of research to be successful. Remember to take your time and be diligent in your research to have the most success at finding an escort that really knows what you need. Proper research can mean the difference in a great experience or a world class nightmare. Remember to make the first call brief and be prepared.

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