Five Best Movies About Escorts

Five Best Movies About Escorts

February 2, 2018 8:14 pm

The life of an escort is bound to be exciting. At the very least, it is surely full of unusual drama that would thrill the likes of us average Joe’s. Movies are one way the rest of the world can get a sneak peak at what that life is like, either realistically or theatrically. We don’t care as long as we are entertained. There are some great movies out there about escorts. Some have become cult classics that maintain a special place in our collective hearts. Others are new but blazing hot trails in cinematic escort history. Take a look at the five best movies about escorts.

Movies About Escorts – The Escort

This 2016 romance drama stars Lyndsy Fonseca as a Stanford educated prostitute. Michael Doneger is a sex-addicted journalist who follows her around, desperate for a story. He gets mixed up in the world and of course, falls in love. Bruce Campbell, of Evil Dead fame also stars in this film, adding his signature brand of humor. This movie didn’t win any awards or get superior ratings but it has some pretty great writing and makes intelligent points with a lot of clever wit.

Movies About Escorts – Klute

Here is a movie about escorts that has earned a place in the greatest movies of all time. It is a mystery thriller with Jane Fonda as a high priced escort, Bree Daniel, who gets involved in missing persons case. Donald Sutherland is a small town police detective who comes to New York City in search of his best friend. Bree is his only hope. What happens next is a thrilling mix of espionage and corruption. This is a perfect example of the type of movies that were doing best in the early 70’s. It is known as one of Fonda’s best. The shag haircut she sported in the movie became a fashion statement to women all over the United States.

Movies About Escorts – Chloe

This fascinating character study delves into the mind of a depressed wife and a twisted call girl who she hires to seduce her husband. Just when you think you have this one figured out, it will take a wild turn on you. Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried, and Liam Neeson star in this 2009 gem that gives a little different take on the classic escort movie. This movie is sexy, which should not be surprising since it is about escorts. It has a sleek, erotic feel that keeps you looking over your shoulder for the next surprise move.

Movies About Escorts – Risky Business

Tom Cruise makes a name for himself in this 80’s flick about a highschool guy who orders an escort for a party when his parents go out of town. Hilarity ensues as the escort, Rebecca DeMornay, shows up as Lana the escort, and takes control of the whole weekend. This is one of the most famous teen movies ever and is still a cult classic. This was Paul Brickman’s directorial debut. It made his career and gave his world-wide clout in his industry.

Movies About Escorts – The Babysitters

A babysitter in a suburban area gets her friends together and starts a call girl service for the local dads whose children they babysit. John Leguizamo stars as Michael, the main dad who gets the ball rolling when he confesses to his babysitter that he is unhappy in his marriage. Katherine Waterston is beautiful and smart, seventeen-year-old Shirley the teen madam. This a 2007 drama, directed by David Ross. It could also be considered a dark comedy when you consider the morose jokes and bleak scenarios.

Movies about escorts, prostitutes and call girls are a dime a dozen. The hard part is finding a movie that pertains to escorts but is well written with great cinematography. That task is not quite as easy. Only once in awhile does a director come across a script that really tells a story about escorts that no one has heard yet. Even if they do, they do not always possess the talent or courage to put them into production. While it is true, taste in film is subjective, most everyone can tell a well-made film when they see one. The topic may be about escorts and the sex industry, but there is always a poignant lesson to be learned in every facet of life it you know how to tell it.

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