Best Cities For Escorts

August 24, 2017 4:48 pm

The beauty of the escort business is that it can, and literally does, prosper in any situation. In all cities and states across the country, someone is prostituting in some manner. There is a street walker or truck-stop cutie, or escort service happening somewhere within its vicinity. The trouble is where to find a good escort. Some cities are known for having a higher caliber of escort than others. Usually larger cities because there is fierce competition. They have to look their best ad perform excellent service to get the business with so many other girls offering similar services. Don’t be surprised to find a smaller city with some lovely ladies, however. There are some higher income areas that are small and use a high cost of living to ensure their privacy. Here is a list of the best cities for escorts.

Best Cities For Escorts in the South

There are a lot of great cities for escorts in the southern states. The states below the Bible belt have a certain way of partying that is unlike any other place. Think Mardi Gras, Spring Break and Miami beaches. One day leaks into the next and every single moment smells like sun tan oil and fried shrimp. Even business is like pleasure in the most famous of southern cities such as Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, and Atlanta. Even smaller cities demand the best of everything because of its vicinity to perfection on every front. Houston, Galveston, Tampa, and Hollywood are all smaller southern cities where you’ll still be able to find above average services and the best cities for escorts.

Best Cities For Escorts in the North

The northern cities have a unique party atmosphere. They make the bet of their colder spells with some amazing events and festivals. There is also a slew of five-star restaurants to while away the cold hours in. New York, Chicago and Boston have a great neighborhood based bar culture in little areas all over the city. That culture and the comforting tone of the area lends itself to escort dates. The best cities for escorts are always the ones with some sort of strong social scene.

Best Cities for Escorts in the West

Famous towns like Las Vegas, Reno, San Francisco and Salt Lake City use their mesmerizing landscape and natural beauty to enhance everything they do. From dining and dancing to education and culture, the awe-inspiring surroundings play a significant part. These are some of the best cities for escorts because of the unique natural opportunities but also the atmosphere. The feeling of the old west and the countries early days in still prevalent in many areas.

Best Cities For Escorts in the East

The East Coast has a beauty all its own. It also has a rich history and a storied past. Our first settlers arrived here so it’s safe to say that prostitution has been alive and well here ever since. The eastern cities are known for being historically significant to the country. Especially cities such as Washington D.C., New England, and Philadelphia. They embody the pride of the nation and have a very fast moving political feel to the social scene. These are some of the best cities for escorts if you’re into the high-powered politics of the country.

There are countless other cities not listed here with great, sexy escort services available. A lot depends on the cost of living in the area. As you can imagine, an area with more leisure money to spend and a higher income ratio are more apt to have a higher class of escorts with a wider range of services and affordable packages. Bigger cities will give you more competitive escorts but also a larger pool of more traditional prostitutes. You’ll have more choice than in smaller cities where you will have less options.

Make the best of what you have in any city by doing adequate research before you book your escort appointment. It can save you a lot of trouble and possibly money and jail time. Check reference and review board. Use past client testimonials and ask around online for reviews. It is in your best interest to find out all you can before you book the appointment.

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