Are There Escorts On Tinder?

September 14, 2017 6:04 pm

Tinder has become a popular app for dating, more specifically, no-strings-attached dating. —> Download It Here. It is an effective site for finding one night stands. The simple swipe technology has a way of luring users in. It is so easy to find a person to hook-up with, making it hard to resist. So little personal information is used that it lends itself to the casual sex audience. While there are many millennials in this field, there are also plenty of older people. It is a mix of people who are at a point in their life where noncommittal sex would be helpful. See Tinder Stats By Age. In this environment, it is no surprise that you will find escorts on Tinder. Just any other profession, they will use any type of social media to help advertise her business.

Escorts on Tinder are No Secret

While it may not be instantly clear from her pic or profile, there are escorts on Tinder and they aren’t hiding it. Once you have both swiped approval on each other, most escorts on Tinder will immediately tell you that they are escorts. They aren’t trying to trap you or rip you off. She just wants to earn a living. She will tell you right away to avoid wasting time. Many men have never paid for sex before and this is a great way to become introduced to the scene. It is basically just a booty call that you pay for. Prices and packages are discussed once you make contact off the site. Many escorts on Tinder are able to word their profiles in a way that you understand her offer of services.

Benefits of Escorts on Tinder

Client are often surprised to find there are benefits to finding an escort on Tinder. One of the biggest pertains to mutual friends. You don’t want to find a girl you go to church with moonlights as an escort on Tinder. Tinder grabs info from Facebook so you are able to tell if you have any ties to her before you lay eyes on her. Another benefit is the GPS functionality. The dates you set up will be close to you so you don’t have to drive for hours which makes it easier for a quick hour or two date.

Client Response to Escorts on Tinder

It is sometimes a surprise to find an escort on Tinder. Not surprising enough to break contact, however. Escorts on Tinder reports more than 80% of the men who contact them reply when they find out she is an escort and more than 50% result in dates. Men may not have expected to see escorts on Tinder but they certainly don’t seem to mind.

Why Are There Escorts on Tinder

The potential to reach many times more people than they could by other means is a big reason escorts on Tinder has begun to happen more often. The pic that flashed before us as an introduction is technologies version of a mini billboard to advertise her services. It has a screening feature built in and it is set up with the easy hook-up mentality that makes the escort business move. Tinder states that it does not allow escorts to advertise any product or service not offered by the company and have implemented measures against it.

Warnings About Escorts on Tinder

There are some bad points to dating an escort on Tinder. So many spambot escort ads have been popping up it is hard to tell who is a real profile. You may message one after the other to no avail, only to find the profile has disappeared hours later.

There are most definitely escorts on Tinder. The trick will be in finding them. You may get lucky and find a local escort on Tinder in a price range you can handle. The key is to persevere and have patience. Finding an escort on Tinder is a task that takes time. Rarely do you find what you’re looking for with the first few messages you send out. You have to message many women to find a real escort and then negotiate a deal that benefits you both. Once you get all the particulars settled you’re ready for your date.

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