Are Escort Agencies Legal?

July 30, 2017 4:10 am

It seems a strange Catch 22 that escort services are really real and prostitution is illegal. Strange, maybe, but true none the less. The reasons stretch back into our countries past and societies changing views on sex and relationships. Just as the social attitudes on these subject’s changes, legalities do too. Cultures change with new discoveries and collective experiences. Cultures also affect each other and learn from each other’s trials and tribulations as well as their victories. Escort services and prostitution are part of an interesting section of societal history and sexual awaking in the United States. Read on to learn are escort agencies legal.

Why Are Escort Agencies Legal?

Escort agencies are really legal because they do nothing illegal in their basic sense. The word escort literally means to accompany someone somewhere. Traditionally this was done as a means of protection. It is also done as a sign of rank. Hence, when a man hires an escort for the evening, she is a sign of his rank in a sense. Escorts are beautiful, educated, socially savvy women who can help a man’s career simply by showing up at his arm at the right fund raiser. They offer no advertisements about sex or promiscuity. They are allowed to operate as legal business under the assumption that all they offer are escorts. In this case are escort agencies legal.. Yes they are.

How are Escort Agencies Really Real?

Escort agencies retain their legal status by not advertising any sexual services at all. They may use some suggestive methods but no actual claims of sex for money can be made. The women are all simply escorts and receive compensation from the service. Truthfully, a large portion of an escorts work life is just that but there is a portion where sex is involved. Reputable escort agencies can claim that the sex came about as a result of consensual decision between the client and the escort and they had no knowledge or profit of it. In reality, the world knows that sex can definitely be part of the escort experience. They do not need an advertisement to spell it out or a bawdy street corner hustler to explain the ropes.

Were Escort Agencies Legal in the Past?

The ever-changing landscape of the plains of human sexuality are fascinating. Different aspects of sex, sexuality and romance have changed and went in and out of fashion and social standing time and again. Prostitution was legal in the nation’s early days. Prostitutes followed troops during the Revolutionary War to keep moral up. They lined the streets of colonial American’s first cities and helped bolster economies all over the country. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that the women’s suffrage movement campaigned against it as well as alcohol and gambling as public nuisances, that the trade began to take on a different standing in society.

Although prostitution and brothels became illegal in the United States, the trade still went on to stay one of the most profitable and oldest in our history. Where there is a will, there is a way and there is always a high demand for prostitutes. Even in polite society, there have been some ways to pay for female companionship without breaking the law. Dance halls, for instance, were popular up until the 1960’s when places like The Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood began to make waves in popular culture. Men could pay a small fee to enter a dance hall and choose any of the woman working for a twirl around the dancefloor. They could converse and have a refreshment and dance the night away.

Somewhere along the line opinions changed and dance halls went the way of the Vaudeville show. Businessmen also helped the idea of the escort agency become so prevalent. From the 40’s through the early 70’s traveling salesmen and businessmen counted on escorts as a part of their career. Many used them as social functions and fund raisers and others took advantage of the sexual services while away from their wives.

Are escort agencies legal is a legitimate question with a tricky answer. While the basic business plan is legal, the extra services they are so well known for are not. Those you must negotiate for separately with the risk of arrest always looming.

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